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Please refer to the following links for more information, and feel free to help spread the word — thank you!

A type O (either + or -) would be a direct donation, but a cross type pairing is also possible.

Donor Information for

Beaumont Health, Michigan

General Donor Info

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Becoming a donor: the basics

  1. Prospective donors fill out an application through Beaumont – Royal Oak

  2. A donor coordinator will reach out to schedule an interview

  3. Prospective donors will undergo testing* (blood tests, echo-cardiogram, stress test, etc.) to ensure their health and safety

  4. A determination is made!

*Most/all required testing should be covered under recipient's insurance

I'm prepared and stable for now, but my health won’t last forever — sooner is better than later for the transplant!


I’m very grateful for people showing an interest in

donating or sharing my message. Thank you!



Dr. (and Uncle) Scott in action